Terms & Conditions

Product weight We only sell authentic products of Silver (silver 92.5%), 14K (gold 58.5%), 18K (gold 75%). All 14K/18K products have weight error of +or - 10% and extra charge or refund, respectively, can incur. (Products involving size changes due to same-day shipping excluded)
Exchanges Faulty products can be exchanged and shipping fee will be paid by TheGoldCat. Custom-made products (couple rings, rings, initial engraved products, etc.) cannot be exchanged.
Returns In case of faulty products, please contact TheGoldCat Customer Service first. Then return the product using EMS (or DHL, Fedex).
Refunds Please return any dissatisfied products due to defect, change of mind, or exchange only after speaking with a TheGoldCat Customer Representative. Please provide us with account information, to which you would like to receive refund. (There is no refund for custom-made products due to change of mind.)
Change of order Orders can be cancelled anytime before payment is made. For custom-made products, cancellation request must be made by 11 A.M (Korean time). next day following the payment of order. Due to special circumstances involving custom-made products, custom-made products cannot be cancelled once the order has been processed.